The chapel of St Andrew

Chapelle Saint-André

The chapel of St Andrew as we know it today was originally at the entry to the former quarry. When the site was officially designated a burial enclosure (Latin area), a Christian shrine was built.
In the 12th century the Tower of Isarn enfolded this entry, while creating a kind of setting for it. In the 13th century the passageway became a chapel when the building of a wall closed off its original access.

Fragment of the lost epitaph of a bishop

Fac-Similé de l’épitaphe de Saint-Lazare

Preserved in the Chapel of St André, where a drawing of it was made in the 17th century (see facsimile).
"Here lies the much respected Pope Lazarus, who lived in the fear of God for almost sixty years and went to his rest in ..."
This could be the epitaph of Lazarus, appointed bishop of Aix-en-Provence in 408, but expelled from his see three years later.

  • Icône grecque - St André sur la Croix (don de l'Eglise de Patras -1960)
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