Chapel of our lady of Confession

Inside this chapel, two tombs of martyr, the sarcophagus of St Cassien and our lady. of Confession

Chapelle N.D. de Confession

Two rock tombs side by side in a burial chamber are to be found in te very centre nave ; they have been said to house the remains of two men whose martyrdom gave rise to the creation of the religious site.

15- Notre-Dame de Confession - Vierge noire

15 - Our lady of Confession

16 - Sarcophagus of St Cassien"

16-Sarcophage de saint Cassien

First half 5th century (uncertain), currently used as an altar.
Pyrenean marble.
The plain architectural setting comprises five compartments flanked by smooth pilasters supporting ogee arches. The central figure is that of an adolescent praying as, from the two neighbouring compartments, an older person gestures respectfully towards him. This gesture is repeated by the young mal on the far right, while in the corresponding arcade on the left is a couple, with the male figure holding up a child.
Saint Cassien

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