Chapel Isarn

Chapelle d’Isarn

4 - Tombstone of abbot Isarnus
Late 11e century

4 - Dalle funéraire d’Isarn

This tombstone was made by recutting and smoothing the underside of an ancient sarcophagus with semicircular ends. One of the long sides still bears traces of a rough-hewn décor dating from the time of reuse.
This tombstone was created by reusing the bottom on an ancient pagan sarcophagus. The head and feet of the deceased are shown in the semicircular ends, while the rest of the body is hidden by an inscription whose layout and literary form suggest an early christian model. The character of the sculpture and the lettering indicates a reappropriation of the tradition of Late Antiquity at the dawn of the 12e century Renaissance.
The text, preceded by a combination of the monogram of Christ and the symbol of the cross, can be translated as follows :
"These are the sacred remains of our illlustrious father Isarnus, those limbs made glorious by high merit.
His soul, happily, has attained Heaven. Outstandingly good and serene of spirit, he possessed all kinds o virtue.
A man of God, he was joyous for all and in every thing. He practised what he preached, this good and blessed abbot. He made of his followers goodd men, for such was his rule of life. Forced to cross the threshold of existence, he departed courageously. Loyal and true two score years and seven, he governed the gentle flock in his care, leaving it a week before the calends of october to enter the kingdom of light"

Around the head : "You who read this, I pray you, forget not what the law born of the sin of the first man made of me this wretched corpse"

At the feet : "Wailing from the depths of your heart, read an repeat, may God have pity on him, Amen".
Saint Ysarn et les moines du X° siècle

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